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Un motan de treaba 🙂


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  1. Mai, tu te lauzi!
    Chiar esti de treaba? 🙂 🙂

    Comentariu de theodora0303 | Februarie 12, 2010 | Răspunde

  2. Oare cum de nu ti-ai facut prezentarea in versuri? 😉

    Comentariu de Gabriela Elena | Octombrie 29, 2010 | Răspunde

  3. Motane – esti chiar tu ? 🙂
    Sa moara costy de ciuda ? 😀

    Comentariu de Arogantu' | Februarie 16, 2011 | Răspunde

  4. Motan sau pisică

    Comentariu de Popateapa | Noiembrie 30, 2013 | Răspunde

  5. There is a real demand for something different to the existing right wing media monopoly. It is a fact that the largest part of the planet’s news provision is owned by right wing capitalists. Their aim is to propogate the virus of capitalism and maintain the world’s differentials between wealthy and those in need. Left Insider promotes left wing articles from reputable news sites like Red Pepper and The Canary etc. We all own the right to fully exploit our own potential and we all have the obligation to assist others achieve theirs.

    Comentariu de Ok Odgers | Octombrie 9, 2017 | Răspunde

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