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Chestiuni legate de religie in SUA. Implicatiile politice

Un deosebit de interesant articol pe care l-am citit in The Telegraph si pe care vi-l propun si Dvs.:

US ‘no longer has a Protestant majority’

Iata ce se arata printre altele:

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

„The United States does not have a Protestant majority for the first time since being founded by the Puritans as ever-growing numbers of Americans say they have no religious affiliation, according to a new study.

The country is now only 48 per cent Protestant, with one in five of the population saying they no longer adhere to any religion or denomination, according to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

However, the study by the Washington-based thinktank found America still remains a deeply religious country and that church attendance appears to have risen in the last five years.

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, 2008 US presidential candidate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of the 33 million people with no religious affiliation, two-thirds said they still believed in God even if they no longer identified with any religious organisation.

Only around six per cent of Americans described themselves as atheist or agnostic, a segment of the population that has grown only marginally in the last five years. […]

The decline of Protestant dominance is already evident at the highest levels of American government. Barack Obama is the only Protestant candidate on either major party ticket in this election, as Mitt Romney is a Mormon and both vice-presidential candidates are Catholics.

None of the nine justices on the US Supreme Court are Protestant – six are Catholic and three are Jewish.

The trend may also have long-term political implications as people with no religious affiliation were found to overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party.

 Pew’s report suggested that unaffiliated voters could become as important to the Democrats’ political base as Christian Evangelicals currently are to the Republicans.” (subl. mea)

Recomand citirea integrala si in original a intregului articol.

Articolul arata ca SUA nu mai are o majoritate protestanta, prima data de la infiintarea sa de catre Puritani si ca a crescut numarul de americani care declara ca nu sunt afiliati din punct de vedere religios (ca nu au o anumita religie). Protestantii sunt acum in procent de 48% si unul din cinci americani spun ca nu mai adera la nicio religie sau confesiune, desi America ramane o tara profund religioasa, prezenta bisericii crescand in ultimii cinci ani.

33 de milioane de oameni care nu sunt afiliati religios, doar 6% (13 milioane) spun ca sunt ateisti sau agnostici, un segment de populatie care a crescut doar marginal in ultimii 5 ani. Din acestia (46 de milioane de oameni) doua treimi spun ca, totusi, cred in Dumnezeu, chiar daca nu se mai identifica cu nicio organizatie religioasa.

Toate aceste lucruri capata implicatii politice… Barack Obama este singurul protestant care candideaza, din toate marile partide, Mitt Romney este mormon, iar ambii candidati la functia de vicepresedinte sunt catolici. Niciunul din cei noua membri ai Curtii Supreme a US nu sunt protestanti: 6 sunt catolici si trei sunt evrei.

Aceasta tendinta poate avea implicatii politice pe termen lung: cei care nu au nicio afiliere religioasa se vor gasi, intr-un mod coplesitor, printre suporterii Partidului Democrat. Studiul arata ca votantii neafiliati religios ar putea deveni un suport (baza) politic important al democratilor, precum sunt acum Crestinii Evanghelici pentru republicani.

Iata ce transformari a suferit si sufera America…

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