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Dincolo de crize economice si financiare…

ne mai uitam si la ceva frumos! 🙂

Remember Alida Valli

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Whitney Houston…

O stire incredibila astazi: a murit Whitney Houston… 😦

I Have Nothing

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Simt o mare tristete, era una din cantaretele mele preferate. O mare voce! Una din cele mai mari voci din ultima vreme. La numai 48 de ani s-a stins din viata…



A MURIT WHITNEY HOUSTON. Prima imagine cu trupul neînsufleţit al cântăreţei. Care ar putea fi cauza morţii

Romania LiberaThe Greatest Love of All

A murit WHITNEY HOUSTON. Lumea muzicii o omagiază pe diva

FOTO A murit Whitney Houston. O viaţă în imagini

Sa ascultam cateva piese exceptionale:

Vei ramane in memoria zecilor de milioane de fani din intreaga lume. Mereu…

Dumnezeu s-o odihneasca in pace.

De citit si…


Whitney Houston a luat Xanax înainte să moară. Vedeta ar fi adormit în cadă

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O poza!


E un fel de joc pe mai multe bloguri, destul de interesant: Miercurea fara cuvinte. 🙂 . E adevarat ca eu nu am participat. Din cate am inteles, se da o tema si se posteaza fotografii care sa exprime tema respectiva.  Ma gandeam la acest joc, vizionand niste poze. Am sa pun si eu o poza, pe care am preluat-o de pe Life, un site pe care vi-l recomand!! Este vorba de marele actor american Steve McQueen:

Va rog sa dati si un click pe poza si sa le vizionati si pe celelalte! 🙂

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Let’s listen some music…!!

Let’s see something contemporary and classic together… And I think… these tunes are corresponding with such a theme. More about Sinatra’s life you could find here. It’s interesting to read about his political activities too. Look what Wikiepedia says about that:

„In 1944, after sending a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sinatra was invited to meet Roosevelt at the White House, where he agreed to become part of the Democratic party’s voter registration drives.[66]

He donated $5,000 to the Democrats for the 1944 presidential election and by the end of the campaign was appearing at two or three political events every day.[67]

After World War II, Sinatra’s politics grew steadily more left wing,[68] and he became more publicly associated with the Popular Front. He started reading liberal literature and supported many organizations that were later identified as front organizations of the Communist Party by the House Un-American Activities Committee in the 1950s, though Sinatra was never brought before the committee.

Sinatra spoke at a number of New Jersey high schools in 1945, where students had gone on strike in opposition to racial integration. Later that year Sinatra would appear in The House I Live In, a short film that stood against racism. The film was scripted by Albert Maltz, with the title song written by Earl Robinson and Abel Meeropol (under the pseudonym of Lewis Allen).

In 1948, Sinatra actively campaigned for President Harry S. Truman.[69] In 1952 and 1956, he also campaigned for Adlai Stevenson.[69] In 1956 and 1960, Sinatra sang the National Anthem at the Democratic National Convention[69]” (my salience)

It’s interesting to read about Sinatra and Kennedy political relationship too. And his migration towards Republican Party in 1970–1984. Wikipedia says:

In the 1980 presidential election, Sinatra supported Ronald Reagan, and donated $4 million to Reagan’s campaign. Sinatra said he supported Reagan as he was „the proper man to be the President of the United States… it’s so screwed up now, we need someone to straighten it out.”[74] Reagan’s victory gave Sinatra his closest relationship with the White House since the early 1960s.[69] Sinatra arranged Reagan’s Presidential gala,[53] as he had done for Kennedy 20 years previously.” (my salience)

But we should let music play first!

You must remember this…

Let’s listen another two songs I like very much:

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Mircea Albulescu

La multi ani!!

Mircea Albulescu – un mare actor!

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Johnny Raducanu…


Ce a lăsat cu „limbă de moarte” Johnny Răducanu

Ascultă aici O ÎNREGISTRARE RARĂ: Andrei Pleşu cântă, alături de Johnny Răducanu, la Tescani, în aprilie 1989

Sa-l ascultam pe Johnny Raducanu:

Dumnezeu sa-l ierte si sa-l odihneasca in pace!

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